While in 2021 the planet’s answer lies with vaccination and new therapeutic antivirals, more people will seek safe and gentle herbs and traditional medicines their families have used for generations.

Wort Life Science have squeezed Australian ginger and based their beverages sold around the world on pure ginger juice for 20 years. Wortuvio new products have been formulated to meet the overwhelming demand of the consumer for purity they can trust to relax their body and mind.

Wortuvio addresses consumer needs for pure 100% Australian plant-based medicine.

Concerns over food integrity drove the growth of our beverages for 20 years and in 2021 consumers are seeking pure Australian made and unaltered therapeutics free from solvents and unknown imported excipients.  Alternative medicine has grown so rapidly it is now an accepted mainstream approach as 80 % of the world’s population use traditional medicine.

Wortuvio new product range

. Wortuvio Boost a pure plant adjuvant to boost your immune system

. Wortuvio Lozenges to cleanse your mouth

. Wortuvio 100% Pure Native Resistant Starch the athlete’s antiviral

. Wortuvio 100% Pure Plant Antifungal and Antiviral tincture

100% pure and natural ginger oil

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